High Performance Elite Training (HPeT) - Ages 12+

This gold standard program Manitoba’s only HP (High Performance) Karate program, bringing the training techniques of the Canadian National Karate team to Manitoba! Athletes in this program may be selected to the Manitoba Provincial Karate Team the only provincial karate team recognized by Sport Manitoba, Sport Canada and Karate Canada.


Tournaments in this stream, include the Manitoba Provincial Open, the Western Canadian Championships, and regional Provincial Opens. Members selected from this training group to the Manitoba Provincial Team will have the opportunity to represent Manitoba at the National Championships and the Western Canadian Championships, along with regional championships such as the Montreal and Toronto Open, and the prestigious US Open. International tournaments in this competitive stream include the Junior and Senior World Championships, the Junior and Senior PKF Championships and North America Cup. The HPeT program athletes can qualify and participate in Karate Canada national events in conjunction with the Canadian National Karate Team regional training camps. Canadian National Team members are carded athletes competing at WKF Tournaments world wide in preparation for Karate’s intended debut as a candidate sport at the 2020 Olympics.

Information Session and Intake Training Camp

The 11 month HPeT Program is open to Karate Manitoba member athletes purple belt and up, age 12+ that have a desire to pursue competitive karate and participate in specialized dynamic high performance training. Lower belts may be accepted through a formal presentation to the Karate Manitoba High Performance Director, explaining extenuating circumstances and why the athlete would like to participate in the training.

Interested athletes must attend an information session and intake camp (scheduled twice per season).

To Dojo Instructors, senior students and parents of students eligible:

For those high level athletes that thrive on competition and wish to enter the competitive WKF karate arena in preparation for the Olympics. we encourage you to identify your students that would excel in this competitive training opportunity. Training is intense and geared towards competition as Karate Manitoba, under Karate Canada prepares for the provincial team athletes to compete at provincial, national and international WKF tournaments recognized by the IOC.

Training Program:

Training sessions consists of high performance elite conditioning in conjunction with competitive training and performance tactics. The latest sport science data analysis is used for feedback, athlete development is measured and recorded. Training is based on a pyramid of physical conditioning, tactical training and mental training. Nutrition components and specialized fitness programs are expected to be followed. The components of the training program are:

Elite Fitness Training/Supplemental Conditioning:

Athletes participating in team training will have a personalized training program developed for them in conjunction with the team certified professional team trainer. Goals are to increase explosive speed through plyometric training, increase flexibility, while increasing power performance.


  1. Tokui kata’s
  2. Team Kata


  1. Tactical training in accordance with the new WKF rules
  2. Tactical behaviours for gaining the judges corners support
  3. How to improve the confidence of our athletes and break down the confidence of our opponents
  4. How to kick successfully in elite competition
  5. How to take down successfully in elite competition
  6. Video analysis of the matches of the elite competitors

Participants will have the opportunity to be involved in Manitoba’s only all style Official HPD (High Performance Development) Karate program, officially supported through Sport Manitoba and Sport Canada. This program is open to any Karate Manitoba member blue belt and up 13+, seeking a comprehensive elite training experience.

*** To succeed, you must commit to develop mental superiority, and an elite level of physical fitness, while developing your technical, strategic and tactical skills.***

Training Schedule: TBA


  • Large Professional training facility with professional mats and cutting edge fitness equipment
  • Athlete seminars with National and Provincial Coaches from across Canada
  • Regional training with athletes from across the province
  • Regular workshops with Karate Manitoba and Karate Canada Referees and athlete participation in National Officials • • Certification Seminar with Karate Canada Officials
  • Video analysis of Kata and Kumite performance with Dartfish, the latest software used in international WKF Karate
  • Tournament competition in local and regional (Winnipeg Open, Manitoba Provincial Open and the Western Canadian Championships)
  • Opportunity to represent Manitoba at the Canadian National Karate Championships- All Manitoba Provincial team athletes are selected from this program
  • Team Kumite